Thousands of students, one message. This is who I am, this is where I’m from and I’m proud of it all.
My story has only just begun. What can we say to that other than… Go You!

Solomon Lee

Founder, Simple Express

About the Go You Campaign:

Simple Express is returning to its roots as we reinvigorate our mission to build school pride nationwide. As graduating students across Trinidad and Tobago prepare to end one chapter and embark on a new path, we want to take the time to celebrate with you! All of the hard work, sacrifice and maturing you have done over the last few years has helped you reach this point and sets the foundation for your future!

We know you didn’t get here on your own; your schools, teachers and parents all worked together to provide you with the support and skills you needed to complete this part of your journey. You all deserve to be recognized for your monumental milestone, so we want to tell you 

Be proud of who you are! Be proud of where you come from…. “Go You!”

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