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Simple Express

School Tags

          Simple Express was born out of the desire to boost school pride across Trinidad and Tobago. We recognize that school rings, the sole badge of honour in most cases, have become increasingly expensive, with many students being unable to afford them. To this end, Simple Express addresses this by providing institutions with School Tags.

          These are high quality, Stainless steel or Nickel plated plated steel tags engraved with the institution’s logo or mascot in full colour.

          This versatile product can be worn as a necklace or used as an adornment on a keychain.

          Through widespread wear of these attractive tags, we aim to foster a greater sense of community across the student body as well as between students and staff. For both past and present students, these tags with their sleek, sophisticated finish will serve as an enduring reminder of their time spent at the institution.


"School Tags are trendy, modern and very affordable."

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“I can’t believe how great these look!”

– Avian Jack

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