The teachers in this country are underappreciated which is why we at Simple Express want to show you some love and appreciation.

Solomon Lee

Founder, Simple Express

What About Teachers?

We are grateful for all that you do, toward building a strong foundation for the youth of Trinidad and Tobago, that is sure to set them on the path toward leading rich and fulfilling lives.

You deserve to celebrate just as much as the graduates as you helped them achieve their first major milestone in life!

As a teacher, you adopt many roles including mentor, friend, role model, confidente and supporter. Their victories are your victories and you share a large responsibility for the future of these children’s lives. 

That’s why the Simple Express team is giving back to the teachers with the Teacher’s Appreciation Contest.


What are the rules and regulations for this contest?

  • Click on the link to fill out the registration form 
  • Be sure to answer the question: What do you think is the most important quality all teachers or principals should possess and why?


What are the prizes?

1 Teacher from Every school will win:

  • Simple Express Graduation Necklace

3 Lucky Teachers will win:

  • $1000 Simple Express Gift Certificate

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